General Privacy Policy – GDPR

General Privacy Policy (GDPR)

WildLifeBlog and all its divisions undertake to comply with the provisions of the legislation on the protection of personal data. The European General Privacy Policy (GDPR) requires respect for the principles of fairness, accountability and transparency in the handling of personal data.

WildLifeBlog applies a targeted, structural and systematic approach to the protection of privacy and privacy. Our globally valid Privacy Compliance Program was created to ensure the protection of our employees, customers and partners worldwide. In the process of globally enforcing the principles of data protection legislation, WildLifeBlog uses the entire group resources.

We keep personal data safe and the equipment we use for this purpose complies with recognized security standards. In the event of a threat to individuals‘ rights, we perform an impact assessment according to our current methodology.

We are aware of the fact that the legislation on personal data protection is still changing. A WildLifeBlog has invested significant resources in awareness raising and training on its Privacy Compliance Program. We do not keep track of developments in the area of ​​personal data protection to ensure that our policies, processes and processes are relevant and appropriate.

We want to ensure good personal data management and in the long term we strive to increase confidence in their security.

For more information on the General Privacy Policy, please refer to the official EU GDPR statements.

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